• Decorative Stainless Steel

    It can used in all aspects of architecture, building and construction. Some applications are highly visible and stainless steel is both aesthetic and functional, such as curtain wall and roofing, escalator, column, lift door…

  • 3M Architecture Film & Window Film

    We have provided the professional installation service of 3M Di-Noc Film, 3M Sun Control Window Film, 3M Safety & Security Window and 3M Fasara Glass Decoration Film.

  • Custom Order

    Welcome to order the tailor made special pattern onto the decorative stainless steel and we also provided the graphic printing with professional installation service on site.


AAT Industrial Supplies Limited is the Hi-End building materials company which provides the high quality Decorative Stainless Steel, 3M Di-Noc Film, 3M Sun Control Film, 3M Safety & Security Window Film, 3M Fasara Glass Decorative Film. We also provide the professional installation service for all 3M Film with on-site measurement. Our mainly projects are Shopping Mail, Hotel, Residential, Retail Shop, Restaurant, Commerical Building, Banking, School and Public Organization.